Uni/School Placement


Australia enjoys world-class education. There are already thirteen scientists who won the Nobel Prize. All Australian school education is based on individual needs, abilities and interests, so that each student has opportunity to explore their own potentials and practice them.


Australian education can be divided into five sectors, which are:

  1. Year 1 – Year 12
  2. TAFE (Occupational Training)
  3. English Course for overseas student
  4. College (Courses including commerce, hospitality and aviator)
  5. University

Australian education system inherits British tradition. It has six year primary school (year 1 to year 6), six years high school (year 7 to year 12), two years diploma course, and three years bachelor course. Differ course has different study period, such as, course of arts, business and science are usually three years; course of engineer is four years; course of law is four or five years; and course of medical science is six years. 12 years secondary study is prerequisite for diploma or higher courses.